2012 summer swiming with the doggies

Tiger Tattoo's Hazel O'Connor aka Angie

Flirt pool at our yard

Tiger Tattoo's Classic Collection in Sweden

Tiger Tattoo's Great Wotan for Rise Above in Sweden

Tiger Tattoo's Hurricane six months old

Tiger Tattoo's Hazel O'Connor five months old

Just some pictures about our doggy

Tiger Tattoo's Garrett the Country Boy ten months old

Tiger Tattoo's Cool Hand Luke with CH.Proudly Breed Bound for Glory

CH.Tiger Tattoo's Young Scamp the Ruffian with some puppy from the Tgt's "G" litter

Tiger Tattoo's Delaware

Erika, Katerina Pereguda, Lussia Pereguda (Almaznogo Ostrova Amstaff kennel in Ukraine), CH.Troy and Me

2010 December in Sweeden and Hungary (at home)

My Austrian Amstaff friends with Lydia Duarte Castagna (Raging Moon) and Me

Norbert Tibay (of Fianna) Lydia Duarte Castagna (Raging Moon) and Me

some puppy from Tiger Tattoo's different litters

Blondie,Tex,Tiffy,Glory,Tittiry,Tristan rest in the yard

Zorion with Our friends daughter Jazmin

Vegga with Svea and Ruby

Dann with some our dogs in 2010 spring time

Some pictures about our dogs in the winter time of 2010 January

Our new weight pull harness :-) thanks dear Kristina and Dann from Sweden

Erika with our good old Staffy and His grandson Troy (they are of Her favorites)

Troy, Staffy and Tracy with Me( Staffy in the pictures out His 13th birthday )

Special thanks to Audrey form the Celtic Staff Kennel of my Christmas present

My 39th birthday's cake :-)

Italian CH.Mayflower Little Show with CH.Tiger Tattoo's Wasco

Our friends Bernadett and Tamás with Roxy

Tiger Tattoo's Uncle Tom play with His frisbee

Staffy with His grand daughter and grand-grand-grand daughter, Roxy

Summer of 2008 :-)

Three boys are good friends

Troy with Dirk

Troy, Tiffany and Dirk with Me

The energy bomb arrived !!! Troy was played with His grand mother Zsebike, mother's sister Diva and Tiffany :-)

Tiger Tattoo's Warlord & HCH & HR.CH.Tiger Tattoo's Under the Rising Sun

Ms.Lorene Wilson O'Connor /Sierra's Amstaffs/ and Me in Luxemburg 2008.

We visited Heni and Jani with some other Amstaff people

Amstaff people together at our home in the Christmas of 2007.

Tiger Tattoo's Your Pretty Woman aka Lenka wish Merry Chritsmas and Happy New Year 2008!!!

Tiger Tattoo's Walküre

Tiger Tattoo's Xara of Hard Black Jack

CH.Tiger Tattoo's West Side Story, CH.Tiger Tattoo's Wasco,CH.Tiger Tattoo's Red Rascal(Bosco), CH.Imperial History of Us. They are Bosco's kids

Tiger Tattoo's Walhalla's Knight aka Astika

Some puppies from SA.CH.Tiger Tattoo's Ronin for Canrel in the Cantrel kennel, South Africa.

CH.Tiger Tattoo's X-Man aka Dred in Debrecen CAC at night Baby BIS III.

Tiger Tattoo's Ontario Lake's Flower /Tronco/ live in Spain with her owners

Tiger Tattoo's Warlord, Uriana Von Iron Empire(she is a daughter CH.Tiger Tattoo's Jenny Honey) with Imre in Belgium

Uriana Von Iron Empire(she is a daughter CH.Tiger Tattoo's Jenny Honey) with Kelly and her friend in Belgium

The Tiger Tattoo's Gang at the Fort Apache :-)

Csenge play with two puppy from the X-litter

Erika with some puppy from the X-litter

Dexter /Dexter Staff kennel/ Floris van Essen /House of Ancients kennel/ Christoph Aigner /Proudly Breed/ Me and Claudia van Essen / House of Ancients kennel/

Eva Bendova/Gaster from Czech Republic/ Kollar Miro/Highway Chile from Slovakia/ and Me at our yard

We visited a Polish Amstaff kennel Alta Carya Kennel (Joanna Chmielecka and Her daughters)

Nemanja Jovanovic,me and Zeljko Mijatovic (Doc. Kobac kennel)

Me,Dusan Paunovic, Nemanja Jovanovic and Viktor Krautheim

Miloje Cirovic/King of Rings/, Me and Darko Zivanović/Long Step/ Viktor Krautheim/Imperial/

Viktor Krautheim/Imperial/ Milija Stankov /Plato/ Miloje Cirovic/King of Rings/ and Me

Dr.Davide Posca/Doc 69 Kennel/ me and Tony Cuda/Cuda's Kennel/ in Italy

Lenka with her elder owner Uncle Tivadar

CH.Vespa with her elder owner Uncle József

CH. First of Goldstar Reptide Beauty /she is daughter of our Wotan/ with Bosco in our yard.

Our friend, Christoph Aigner with CH.Bosco, CH.Tittiry and Astika

Yellow Fire Szalai's with Mississippi-Red Electric Loki in our yard

CH.Tiger Tattoo's Wasco with his brother and sister on the yard

Tiger Tattoo's Shiva "Marcang" with her friends

CH.Vespa was Exc. II. Rumba Exc. III. in junior class Tata CACIB.
The judge was Jaroslav Kubala

CH.Remus was won in HTK. 2005. Show adult club winner

Two watchdog CH.Vespa and her mother CH. Tittiry

CH.Tiger Tattoo's Panzerfaust /Remus/,CH. Blue Rock and USA CH. Ex-Pert O'Class Elassar /Brian/
to Austrian Amstaff Club Winner.

Four dog to CACIB in Kecskemét,CH. Thor the Powerhead Sitting Bull, CH. Summit's Knight for Katerina,
CH.Tiger Tattoo's Panzerfaust and CH.American Lover For Tiger Tattoo's Dejmon.

Tricky with her friend, Eden.

Gringo and His sister CH.Vespa play in the yard.

CH.Tiger Tattoo's Panzerfaust /Remus/

The houseguards of Kerek family
 Tiger Tattoo's Utah Rose /Rumba/ CH.Tiger Tattoo's Panzerfaust/Remus/ and  Imperial Globetrotter /Rainbow/

Made by our friend Jani /Pudvi/

Our friend Tibor with CH. Tittiry and Aragorn.

We were the guest in the Dalmstaff Kennel /Croatia-Sibenik/
from left Zsolt Höchst owned by Tiger Tattoo's Panama Fly, Mirjana and Jadran Andelic and me.
The dogs: Multi CH. Mlader's Moon River, Multi CH. Mlader's Nancy and CH. Dalmstaff Crown.

CH.Tiger Tattoo's Under the Rising Sun /Vespa/

Astor & CH.Bosco sleep in the sofa.

HJCH. Tittiry, HCH. Bobo and CH. Samoa to Cacib in a Budapest Cacib Show.

Red Falcon's Don Corleone & X-Call Tipit Z'Hanky.

Tiger Tattoo's Pegasus and his friends. He lives in the Netherlands with his family.

Tiger Tattoo's Pegasus in his SCH. Hund training.

Tiger Tattoo's Ruin /Gino/six-teen months old.

Tiger Tattoo's Robin Hood /Jason/ten months old.

Tiger Tattoo's Red Ruffian /Wotan/ three years old.

Csenge with Tiger Tattoo's Panama Fly /Hera/

Kaculek play with a puppy from "S" litter.

CH.Bosco play with his mother and grandfather.

Somebody dance with me!!!

Together play in the yard.

CH.Bosco, Diva & Aragon.

American Idiot with CH.Bosco. :-)

Two Guardian I. /CH.Bosco & Hera/

Two Guardian II. /CH.Bosco & Hera/

A sweet babyface /Gringo/

Gusztáv with me.

Gusztáv from CH. Wotan and Xalis.

Pisti, Gusztáv's owner & Csenge and me.

Erika /my best friend and my wife/ with her favorite dog Staffy.

Staffy loves me.


Me and a puppy.

Yellow Fire Szalai's, CH.Votan Szalai's, CH.Imperial Ogre

CH. Imperial Ogre aka Bobo BISS in BTMK Show!!!

CH. Bobo & CH. Wotan.

CH.Imperial Ogre aka Bobo with Golden Gate Szalai's aka Zsebike

CH. Imperial Polar Light /Flash/ from CH. Wotan x CH. Bobo.

Csenge with CH. Wotan in the yard.


Friends II.

"Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten" I.

"Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten" II.

"Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten" III.

CH.Gréti & CH.Wotan play in the park.

Yellow's high jump.

Yellow relaxing with her friend Bono.

Fanó's Tiger Tattoo's Apache /APBT/

Happy Gang / a hungarian pop band / & Astor.

Csenge and her dogs /Astor and Opal (APBT)/

Csenge with me in a greyhound racing.

CH.Manczy and CH.Vespa's domination sexual play

I gotcha!

Tiger Tattoo's Up and Go "Tricky" E. BH.