Judge; Igor Selimovic (Croatia)
83 amstaffs entered

Exc= excellent
VG- Very good

baby males (3-6month);

Hannibal du Domaine de Feroge 1 VP
Great Amstaffs Jumping Jack 2 VP

puppy males (6-9 month);

Old Hickory Mister Norman 1 VP

youth males ( 9-18 month);

Tatar's de Willy Wonka 1 Exc
Alphine's Rio Grande 2 Exc
Carmichael's Shut up and Kiss Me 3 Exc
Succes Story Cowboy 4 Exc
Daydreamer's California Love Exc
Aros Amstaff Admiral Exc
Celibrity Man Staff o' class VG
Staffiland's Cook the cookies VG

Champion males;

Rus Magic Dream Bogdan 1 Exc CACIB-BOB
Parastone's don't pull the trigger 2 Exc
LBC Rock 'n Roll Lesoto 3 Exc
Majestic Black Jack 4 Exc
Lobotown Fatboy Exc
Apolo de cans Juansa Exc
Royal Court Winning colours Exc
Royal Court Headline news Exc
Spike and Span tipit z Hanky Exc
Alvarez's second to none VG
Rus Magic Dream Kersing Friend Traill's VG
Sydney Tipit Z hanky VG
Yasper Tipit Z Hanky VG

intermediate males:

Gustaff van het Daalhof 1Exc
Sitting Bull defender Hammer sign 2Exc
Bakaroro End Itubori Dobrynya 3Exc
Tiger Tattoo's Warlord 4Exc
Cobra red du Domaine de Zeus VG
Mr Beau Jangles From Gillians Home VG

open males;

Sola Dils Flash 1Exc
Dante of Fianna 2Exc
Enrico 3Exc
Deamians Pride Defender 4Exc
Sindelar's Clash of the titans Exc
Urko Exc
V'Keep des cynolegionnaires Exc

baby females;

Rainfalls Hollywood 1 VP
Dirty Girl du home molosse VP
Daisy Mae from the southern stables VP
Divine lady blue one dream staff VP
Surinam dogmaster's winney VP

puppy females;

Blue dance Good girl 1VP

youth females;

Old Hickory miss farah 1 Exc
Aros Amstaff Apache 2Exc
Aros Amstaff avalanche 3Exc
Indiana of Fianna 4 Exc
Glory day Fanatic staff Exc
Succes story coffee cream Exc
aros amstaff Aquilla Exc
calamity jane de la crypte de graoully VG
Cyno girl du palais des anges VG

veteran females;

Alvarez's Pachanga 1Exc

champions females;

Old Hickory miss Takara 1 Exc CACIB-BOS
Parastone's creamy cappuchino 2 Exc
Parastone's little bit of spice 3Exc
Alvarez's something regal 4Exc
Upgrade Tipit z hanky Exc
Carly from the southern stables Exc
Limanorth coming winning T Exc
MS Precious stones yy infrared Exc
Missisippi red mama mia Exc

intermediar females;

Great Amstaff's Good As Diamonds 1Exc
Hillnez Imperia 2Exc
Come to become care the white beauty 3Exc
Guess van het daalhof 4Exc
cassia pretty girl of west Exc
Labotane Bimbo of Sultan Exc

open females;

Tina 1Exc
Baila the quen du domaine de zeus 2Exc
Missippi red deep purple 3Exc
Dior van het daalhof 4Exc
Dog john's Baccara Exc
Old hickory miss olivia Exc
Soulsingers cinnamon girl Exc
sindelar's Little star Exc
Lamasko revelation VG